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Mobile Hidden Spy Cameras

Hidden spy cameras have come along way it even in the last five years in terms of technological advances and price competition. They are more affordable than ever before and easier to use than ever before. It used to be that only government agencies could afford them. Nowadays you can get several hidden spy cameras for under $150.00 some for less than $100.00. Spy cameras are board cameras hidden inside objects that people are used to seeing everyday. Those products are usually working products to keep the deception at a high level. Usually hidden cameras require a power outlet to power the product which means that they can only be used in that location. There is a line of hidden spy cameras that includes not only the camera and DVR but also a mini microphone-making them the ultimate spy tool. They are called “body worn” cameras and are the only cameras that can legally have a microphone inside them. The added dimension that they bring to the spy game is that they are portable and require no outside power source. Now it is true that the capabilities of these are not like their powered brothers but they do have their place-a very specialized place in the world of covert spy cameras.

  1. The car key hidden camera looks just like a remote car key that has a hidden camera microphone and built-in DVR. It holds 8 GB of files which you can watch on practically any media software. It holds three hours of recorded material before you need to delete it or download it using the included USB cord.
  2. The wristwatch hidden camera is a fully functioning watch that has a color camera, microphone power source and a 4 GB digital video recorder. All recordings are date/time stamped.

  1. The sunglasses hidden camera with built-in DVR and audio. These polarized lenses have an easy to use two button control and have a 60 degree field of view and a microphone range of about 6 to 7 feet. The sunglasses have a 4 GB of on board flash memory. Those are top three favorite mobile hidden spy cameras of my customers.